Moving to Colorado Springs – How to Prepare for Hail Damage Repair?

Colorado Springs has a lot to offer and a lot to love, for the natural beauty, booming industries, Olympic facilities, etc. Close to some of the highest mountains in the US – ex. Pike’s Peak, the city is known for its outdoor lifestyle.

If you’re thinking about moving to Colorado Springs, you probably want to know more about the city and its environment.

While there’s plenty written about the weather, work, education, neighborhood, restaurants, and entertainment, there’s not much info about the fact that it’s a hail-prone city.

If you have never lived in a hail-prone city, then it is likely that you don’t know the extent to which it can damage properties like your roof and vehicle. Although sometimes the damage is purely cosmetic, if there’re multiple rounds of hailstorms, compound damage may cause structural issues as well. As a result, it is really important that you understand the risks and protections available before your move.

As an auto hail repair expert, we’ll cover everything you need to know about finding the best auto hail repair in Colorado Springs.

Covered Garage

Whether you’re moving to a house, a townhouse or a condo/apartment, it is always good to have a garage or carport, especially for hailstorm protections. But we know how it goes – you may need that extra room for storage before you sort through and unpack everything.

In fact, according to a survey by Home Innovation, a surprising 93% of homeowners use the garage for storage, and 25% of people who have 2-car garages don’t park cars in them at all.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage for Hail Damage

Even if you have a garage, you may be caught in a storm during driving and will need other protection for auto hail repair. So, what insurance options should you consider?

Be sure to have comprehensive coverage.

Unlike liability coverage, comprehensive policies are optional to include but highly important if you live in a hail-prone city like Colorado Springs.

Based on decades of experience fixing hail damage in Colorado Springs and surrounding cities, the average cost of auto hail repair rounds approximately $6,500.

Imagine you don’t have insurance protection – that’ll be the price to pay yourself.

Caught in A Hailstorm When Driving

Driving through a hailstorm is among one of the most terrifying experiences. And it can quickly become very dangerous. Be sure to follow these steps to reduce the risks of damaging your vehicle or being injured.

Slow down and if you can, stop driving and pull to the side of the road safely.

If you’re driving in the city, try seeking shelters nearby under an overpass or in a structure with a strong roof – For example, a gas station.

If possible, stay away from the car windows and cover your face with clothing to protect it from possible broken glass.

Don’t leave your car until it stops hailing.

Auto Hail Claim Process

If your car is damaged in a hail storm, you must file a claim to your car insurance company to cover the repair cost. The following steps are what you can expect when you file a claim yourself. Alternatively, you can give us a call and we’ll handle your insurance claim from the beginning to the end.

After your claim has been processed, the insurance company will send over an adjuster to look at the damage to your vehicle.

They may recommend you to get it repaired by an approved repairer, but this is only a recommendation, and you can choose whichever body shop you like.

Work with the Best Hail Repair in Colorado Springs

It is important that you take control of your vehicle repairs and choose the best hail repair specialist in Colorado Springs.

Some repair shops are not experts at fixing hail damage. Often, this means that they bang out the dent and then smooth out the surface with putty, which is then sanded. This will throw out the manufactory paint warranty on your car and is rarely perfect.

Hail damage repair specialists, on the other hand, would use paintless dent repair, which returns a dented metal surface to its original form, without any sanding, grinding, or painting. It simply reverses damage as opposed to fixing it, meaning that it keeps your original paint warranty and does not appear on accident reports.

Work with A Repair Shop that Cares

In addition to work quality, service quality is also a priority when it comes to auto hail repair.

Take a look at the ways – if any – that your repair shop goes above and beyond for their customers. We at StormWise, for instance, offer a lifetime warranty, deductible coverage, and a complimentary valet service to pick up any damaged vehicles. We’ll also drop off a rental car if that’s easier for you.

Some shops will take on as much work as possible, especially during the storm season, and this means their waiting lists have an army of customers – not good if you need the repair done quickly.

StormWise, however, never lets our waiting list go out of control. With a network and reputation around the US, we are able to scale up the technician team to meet peak-season volumes like no others.

Colorado Springs is a beautiful and fascinating city for a high-quality life. If you’re thinking about moving to Colorado Springs, don’t let the storms keep you away – we hope you find it useful to make proper plans to protect you from the unpredictable weather. To learn about where to live, to work, and what to enjoy, read this article.

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