How Much Does a Side Mirror Replacement Cost?

Ever noticed car troubles always pop up when you least expect them? Damage to your driver’s side mirror or passenger side view mirror can be a real sneak attack. Modern side mirrors are more than just reflective surfaces. These advanced components are equipped with features that enhance driving but come at a significant cost when it’s time for repairs or replacements.

Let’s break down the costs of replacing a side view mirror, from new mirrors to paint jobs, and pinpoint where you can get the job done without emptying your wallet. You’ll not only have the scoop on what it’ll cost you but also be ready to make a smart, budget-friendly choice to get your mirror (and your peace of mind) back in tip-top condition.

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How Much Does a Side Mirror Replacement Cost?

how much does a side mirror replacement cost

Replacing a car side mirror costs around $299 on average. This pricing includes both parts, which can range from $139 to $328, and labor costs, generally adding about $90. 

However, the mirror replacement cost can escalate depending on several factors. Electric mirrors, heated mirrors, and luxury vehicle components for brands like BMW or Audi are more sophisticated and, therefore, more expensive to replace. For cars equipped with newer technologies like blind spot detection or road mapping capabilities, costs can increase significantly due to the complexity of the parts and the labor involved.

Other Additional Costs to Consider When Replacing Your Side Mirror

Color Matching and Painting

If your replacement side mirror needs to match the color of your car, additional costs for color matching and painting will apply at the body shop. On average, this could range from $50 to $150, depending on the vehicle model and the complexity of the paint job. This ensures that the mirror not only functions like the original but also blends seamlessly with your vehicle’s aesthetic.


Mirrors equipped with indicators, sensors, or cameras typically require calibration once replaced. The cost for this service can vary, typically ranging from $75 to $200, ensuring that all technological features function correctly and safely post-installation.

Replacement Parts

The choice between genuine manufacturer parts (OEM) and aftermarket parts can significantly affect the cost. OEM parts usually offer better compatibility and durability but come at a higher price point, often costing 20% to 50% more than aftermarket alternatives.

Insurance Deductibles

If you choose to claim the replacement on your insurance, you might need to pay a deductible, which varies based on your policy and the extent of coverage.

How Do You Fix a Broken Side Mirror?

For minor damages, such as a loose side view mirror glass or a cracked trim panel, you can often manage these repairs yourself using basic tools such as a screwdriver and some fasteners. Here are the steps for each:

  • Loose Side View Mirror Glass– If the glass in your side view mirror is loose but not detached, you can often secure it by tightening the screws at the base of the mirror. If the glass is detached, you might need a specific adhesive designed for automotive mirrors, available at auto parts stores.
  • Cracked Trim Panel– For a cracked trim panel, you can use an automotive plastic repair kit. These kits include everything needed to bond the crack and can be painted over to match the original color of your car’s interior or exterior.

However, for more complex damage such as replacing entire mirror assemblies or fixing technologically advanced mirrors, it’s advisable to consult professionals. These repairs require a deeper understanding of the vehicle’s electrical and mechanical systems. Professional mechanics have the necessary tools and expertise to handle intricate tasks such as recalibrating advanced sensors or ensuring that the mirror’s heating and motor functions are properly connected and operational.

Where Can I Get My Car Side Mirror Fixed?

Auto Repair Shops

Local auto repair shops like StormWise are well-equipped to handle a range of repairs, including side mirror replacements. They offer expertise for both standard and complex issues.

Mobile Services

Some service providers offer mobile side mirror replacement, where they come to your location. This is particularly convenient for those with tight schedules or limited access to traditional repair facilities.


For specific brands or high-end vehicles like Hyundai or Nissan, dealerships are often the best option for side mirror replacements. They ensure that all parts used are optimized for your vehicle type and model.

To Wrap Up

If you always carry tools for a quick fix or prefer professional repairs, understanding the cost of replacing a side mirror is straightforward. It all comes down to your car’s specifics and your insurance details. When you notice your side mirror is damaged, it’s best to address it right away.

Prompt attention not only helps you avoid potential fines but also ensures your safety by maintaining essential visibility and awareness of your surroundings. Remember, you have options. Assessing the extent of the damage and choosing the right repair solution are crucial to meet your needs without straining your wallet.

Contact us to get your side mirror fixed efficiently and effectively. Let us handle the repairs and help you navigate the process seamlessly!

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