11 Hail Damage Car Myths Explained

Updated on 9/7/2022

When the sky opens up, and hail begins to fall, you may be fascinated by the spectacle. You may not think much about what these small balls of ice can do to your assets, including your car. Yet, car owners need to recognize just how impactful that short hailstorm can be when it comes to hail damage car. The damage itself can be worrisome, especially if you have a high-valued or new vehicle you hope to protect.

That’s why we’re sharing these 11 hail damage car myths — to help you understand what is and isn’t true, and what you should really be doing to get the best outcome for your car.

–> Myth 1: Pea Sized Hail Is Not a Big Deal

–> Myth 2: Minor Hail Dents Are Cheap to Fix

–> Myth 3: Severe Car Hail Damage Is Too Expensive to Repair

–> Myth 4: Severe Hail Damage Car Repair Will Take a Long Time

–> Myth 5: All Damage from Hail Is the Same

–> Myth 6: Body Shop vs Specialty Shop Is All the Same

–> Myth 7: Hail Repair Is the Same Everywhere

–> Myth 8: I Can Barely See the Hail Damage. Therefore I Don’t Need To Fix It

–> Myth 9: Insurance Will Increase If I File a Hail Damage Car Claim

–> Myth 10: Calling an Insurance Company Right Away

–> Myth 11: Buying a Car with Hail Damage Is a Good Deal

Myth 1: Is Pea Sized Hail Not A Big Deal?


Pea-size hail is quite small, often hard to see. From far away it looks like heavy raindrops.

However, small bits of hail like this often travel at a very high speed as it strikes your car. When this happens for even a few minutes, it can cause hundreds of small dents on the car’s surface. When you are driving your car and pea-sized hail strikes, the car’s movement only compounds the damage, making it even worse.

Learn more about minor hail damage.

Myth 2: Are Minor Hail Dents Cheap To Fix?

It is true that hail may not create a large amount of damage to a vehicle. However, it can be very costly to repair minor hail dents because there are usually hundreds of dents.

The actual cost you can expect also depends on multiple factors, including the type of car, like the material for the panel and the car make and model.

Nowadays, many luxury cars and high-end models use aluminum for the panel because it’s lightweight and is beneficial to keep the car fuel-efficient. But dents on an aluminum panel are tricky to fix and cost a lot more than repair on a steel panel.

To learn more about hail damage car repair costs: Why are Hail-Damaged Cars So Expensive to Fix?

To read more about the associated costs to fix aluminum panel damage: Why Aluminum Is A Tricky Material For Dent Repair?

Myth 3: Is Severe Car Hail Damage Too Expensive To Repair?

Not necessarily.

If your car has sustained severe damage from a hailstorm, it’s pretty logical to assume that these damages will be too expensive to fix. 

The good news is not necessarily! Comprehensive auto insurance will pay for repairs or if the damage from the storm is deemed severe, the insurance company will total the car and provide financial assistance to purchase a new vehicle. That means there’s no reason not to seek out repairs.

To learn more about the severe hail damage car: Austin Hailstorm Cracked Windshields, What To Do? Post-Massive Austin Hail Storm FAQs

Myth 4: Will Severe Hail Damage Car Repair Take A Long Time?

Severe hail damage car can be extensive, but that doesn’t mean that damage has to take months to complete. 

It is true that many car owners had to wait months for a repair to take place and then another month or two for it to finish. But that’s usually the case with auto body shops and insurance pre-approved shops that don’t have enough technicians during a storm peak season.

If you choose to work with an auto hail repair specialty shop it typically ensures you can get the work completed much sooner.

The repair shop will determine the best method for repairing your vehicle depending on the extent of the damage. The industry-standard repair method for hail damage car is paintless dent repair (PDR). Sometimes your vehicle may also need paint repair and part replacement. If PDR is an acceptable option for your vehicle, it doesn’t take too long. Replacement parts and paint repair may take several weeks.

Also, note that your insurance company can slow things down as they process the claim.

To learn more about the repair time-related to hail damage: we are working on an article about factors that affect repair time of fixing hail damage on cars. Check back in a few weeks for details.

Myth 5: Is All Damage From Hail The Same?

Another myth is that all types of hail damage are the same. That is not the case. There are four primary types of damage.

Dents are the most common type of hail damage regardless of the severity of a storm. The size and depth of the damage depend on the size and force that the hailstone was traveling at impact.

Other types of hail damage car include paint damage, cracked glass, mirror damage, etc. 

To learn more about the different types of hail damage car: What Does Hail Damage Look Like On A Car?

Myth 6: Is Body Shop Vs Specialty Shop All The Same?

There are a lot of body shops out there that will do hail damage car repair. However, these are often the most frustrating of locations to visit for this type of work. When a storm strikes, almost all body shops are fully booked and will take weeks if not months to take on new cars.

A specialty shop is going to have a better ability to manage the capacity and complexities of hail damage car repair. So how to choose an auto hail repair shop? 

To learn more about choosing the best hail damage car repair company: A Few Quick Tips To Help You Find The Best Hail Damage Car Repair Company

Myth 7: Is Hail Repair The Same Everywhere?

This is perhaps one of the most worrisome of all myths. If you have hail damage to your vehicle, you may have no idea about the various repair methods and which one is right for your car.

All repair methods and shops are not equal. There are different hail damage car repair methods available and you should definitely check them out.

To help you decide on a hail repair company: We have an article with easy-to-follow actionable tips.

Myth 8: Do I Need to Fix Hail Damage If I Can Barely See It?

You may think that there’s no need to worry about that small dent in your car because it may go away. However, without proper repair, it can cause more damage. A trained professional can see damage on the outer coat of paint that may be hard to see otherwise. 

Small dents from a light hail storm may be hard to see unless it’s under a direct light source. But they can significantly reduce your car value overtime and could affect how much insurance you get back.

To learn more about: How to get an accurate estimate on hard to see hail damage on cars.

Myth 9: Will My Insurance Increase If I File A Hail Damage Car Claim?

That’s not the case.

Insurance companies cannot raise your premium because hail damage falls under an “Act of Nature,” an event that no one can predict and is considered a “comprehensive” claim. Insurance companies will not increase premiums due to comprehensive claims. 

Check out the article linked below if you need to file a hail claim with your insurance.

To get specific contact info and instructions for hail claims with the top 10 insurance companies in the US: Everything You Need To Know About Hail Damage Car Insurance

Myth 10: Should I Call My Insurance Company Right After A Hail Storm?

This may seem counterintuitive, but when you have hail damage car, it’s important to call a specialty repair shop first, not your insurance company. The specialty shop is more likely to provide an accurate quote for your car’s repairs and make sure you get the insurance money needed for repair. They can also file a supplemental claim with your insurance company to get you more money to cover the repairs you need to be completed.

To learn everything you need to know about the supplement claim for auto hail repair: Auto Insurance Supplement Process – When Insurance Estimate Lower Than Body Shop

Myth 11: Is Buying A Car With Hail Damage A Good Deal?

You may be able to get a car with hail damage for a lower price. However, if you end up having trouble getting it fixed and having to pay more than you expected, you may lose money instead of saving it.

To learn more about the pros and cons of buying a hail damaged car, check out The Ultimate Guide to Buying A Car With Hail Damage: How To Negotiate And What To Know


After getting hit by hail, it is always important to remember that whichever is a myth or a fact, getting your car fixed is absolutely a must. 

Learn more about Car Hail Repair Insurance, to avoid out of pocket expenses.

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